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Index of the countires of the world

North America folk song ラテンAmericanの音楽、中南米の folk song ヨーロッパの folk song
Asian folk song Africa folk song オセアニア folk song、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド





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World lullabies

Song authorized by the ministry of education

100 Selection of Japanese songs

Seasonal songs and event songs

vocaloid songs

Japanese old songs

Index of Japanese songs

Military song, and march

Classification by purpose of use of songs

National anthem, state song, prefectural song, city song, school song

Folk songs from all over Japan

Stephen Fosterの曲

Scary nursery rhymes of the world

Fairy tales, novels, theatrical songs

Mother Goose song

Hymns, Gospel, Christmas Carols

Classical music

Jazz and Blues


Index of the countires of the world



  In this corner, you can download MIDI, MP3, MP4 files of the traditional world songs, nursery rhymes and folk songs, and print the musical scores. Those with lyrics are introduced on each page. Since the melody and chord progression are on the score, it is ideal for playing not only songs but also recorders and harmonica.  
  Over 1500 songs of the international songs, nursery rhymes, folk songs and classical tunes are available. For each, you can print the score or download his data files in MIDI, MP3 and MP4 format by choosing from over 100 different musical styles.  

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